Penjualan Domain

Semua transaksi penjualan domain dikelola dengan baik dan terintegrasi dengan e-commerce system dan domain provider

Transaksi domain yang dapat anda manfaatkan diantaranya : system penjualan domain, transfer domain, pencarian domain dan WHOIS Informasi domain.

Penjualan Domain

Pendaftaran Domain Baru Dengan Penyesuaian Harga Sesuai Level

Transfer Domain

Perpindahan Domain Antar Provider dan Generate EPP Code

Pencarian Domain

System Pencarian dan Informasi Domain WHOIS Yang Akurat

WHOIS Information

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Real Time Availability Checking

Check domain availability using real-time polling of WHOIS services and registrar APIs

Nameserver Management

Both customers and administrators can view and change the nameservers all domains are pointed to

WHOIS Management

View and make changes to the WHOIS Contact Information held at the domain registries in real-time

Automated Renewals

Automatically invoice for renewals and trigger renewals with domain registries when customers pay you

Domain Syncing

Daily syncronisation of domain due dates and status, as well as auto detection of transfers away

Premium Domains

Sell premium domains via supported registrars with automatic markup tiers and premium checks

Free Domains

You can bundle domain registration for free with certain hosting packages

DNS Management

Allow customers to directly view and manage DNS Host Records for their domain

ID Protection

Offer your customers ID Protection and allow them to upgrade to it at any time

WHOIS Lookup

Perform a WHOIS lookup and view the WHOIS information for any domain on-demand

Domain Search

Integrate domain availability checking and searching directly into your website

Self Management Portal

Allow customers to manage every aspect of their domain registration with you via the self-service client portal